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Grace One Chemicals Ltd. 恩一國際有限公司                            LOGO

Grace One Chemicals Ltd. is an effective logistics provider in the region and specialize in sourcing of raw materials for  chemicals industry. We satisfy the needs of customers including retails and wholesale distributions as an one-stop solution to all our customers. We have the network sourcing in the region included : Austria, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland & Taiwan.

Grace One Chemicals Ltd. is your one-stop solution provider that can help to manage the entire logistic process and cost-effective way to improve your business productivity and efficiency within and beyond manufacturing.

We provide the smooth flow of information on competitive rate and materials between suppliers and manufacturers.

Our services included :

* Sourcing of raw materials
* Logistics provider for Local & Overseas
* Documentations
* Payments 

If you need to outsource your supply chain management, warehousing, distribution, logistics and other transportation services, we have the network around the region to meet your needs. 

We believe in developing long term partnerships with our customers by providing personalized and effective logistic solutions. We dedicate and commit to provide value, innovation and professionalism to our customers, developing long-term mutual business relationships.

Moreover, we are the sole agent of van Baerle Silicates in Taiwan and Hong Kong. van Baerle AG is a manufacturer of silicate and hygiene products in Switzerland since 1888., and start to produce silicate products for Asia-Pacific market in Taiwan from end of 2017. This new production plant will make us easier and more convenient to serve our customers.

Our range of silicates and other silicates-derivatives are mainly used as binders for the manufacture of welding rod electrodes, binders for raw materials or end products, paints (the marine and construction paints), recycling paper pulp processes and as a ready-to-use absolutely incombustible special fireproof adhesives for fire-doors, heat-resistant glass windows production and floor densifier.   

For more information on van Baerle Silicates websites, please visit : http://www.vanbaerle.com/en/home.html

        恩一公司源於多年 的國際化學產品商務討論與市場行銷經驗於2010 年一月正式成立作為讓生產廠與下游使用者之間更快更直接的討論因應是恩一成立的原因。我們也根據生產國別提供一站式採購截至目前為止,提供來自於奧地利、香港、印尼、義大利、新加坡、南非瑞士和台灣生產的化學品方便客戶一次購足也可以降低採購成本我們相信透過提供個性化和有效的物流解決方案將與客戶建立長期合作夥伴關 係。 我們也致力於為客戶提供價值,創新和專業精神,發展長期的互惠業務關係。

        此外,我們是範博迩利矽酸鹽產品在台灣和香港市場的唯一代理商。範博迩利公司自1888 年成立是 瑞士的矽酸鹽和衛生產品製造廠商。從2017年底開始,在台灣生產矽酸鹽產品,為亞太客戶提供服務。這個新的生產工廠更便利於我們為代理地區客戶提供更好的服務。範博迩利矽酸鹽產品亞太區的營運中心 - 範博迩利硅酸盐(新)有限公司位於新加坡恩一公司是其長期的地區唯一代理商




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